Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Second Day of School

Today was my second day of classes. So far they haven't been that bad. I am a bit more stressed after day two, however, mostly because I seem to have a lot of work cut out for me. You know how that is... Anyways I thought I would show you my room thus far. That way you see what I have been up to crafty-wise.

First I'll show you my collection of platypi. I am currently crocheting a girlfriend for the purple crocheted platypus. She is almost finished and just needs a few more finishing touches.
Part of my Platypus Collection
My desk

Then for some of my crafty things... I have the foam animals that my roommate and I put together and then I took an old record and put our names on it for a door dec...
Lion and Zebra
Frog and Hippo
Our door

We also added monkey madness by adding a bunch of monkey additions to our room. They were just too cute to turn down.
Monkey Shower Curtain
Monkey Madness

And finally here is a picture of our entire completed bathroom...

My sink area of my dorm

We actually have added more music decorations since this, but I'm hoping to add more pictures tomorrow and have an add as we go project... Hopefully, Dot the Polka-Dotted Platypus will be done by tomorrow too... But we will see because I have a lot of homework tomorrow!

Friday, August 22, 2008

All Work and No Play

So the title tells you everything. I have been working A LOT! No fun for me... However I did get a chance to at least finish the body of my platypus. I have his beak finished and just need to make his four webbed feet. When I finish and attach them I'll definitely show you all some pictures. In the mean time I'm expected to do program planning and bulletin board decorating. Since I haven't had time to work on crocheting I'll post pictures soon of some of the stuff I HAVE been doing. This includes a bulletin board and my dorm room decorations. I hope you all are having more fun time than I am...

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Quick Update

So just a quick update so you don't think I'm neglecting my blog already. I actually moved in to my dorm on Sunday. Since then I was expected to go on a overnight retreat, followed by a BBQ dinner, catching up with friends... Plus training all day for the next two days. Tonight I go mini-golfing!!! This is all for a new internship I am working for. In a few minutes, I'm off to eat lunch with the RA's. That means no amigurumi updates. I promise once school starts and I get more organized I'll have more updates. 'Til then got to go... Tons of sirens outside!!! YIKES!!!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Finished Girl Elephant

Last night I finally finished that girl elephant. I finished her during the gymnastics finals for the Olympics. I was so excited seeing us place gold and silver for women's gymnastics. Anyways, I finished the girl elephant, but had no camera to take pictures of her. So today I went out and bought a new camera. This time I hope the camera is better. So now I'm posting pictures of Eleanor the Elephant. I'm also going to post pictures of Pinky the Octopus. I made Pinky for a co-worker of mine. She cried when she got it. Please comment on both! :)

First pictures of Eleanor the Ballerina Elephant
Eleanor the Elephant
As you can tell Eleanor is a Ballerina. She balances herself on everything she possibly can. This includes books, balance beams, and much, much more...

The one thing that really bugged me about this girl elephant is that it came out a lot smaller than the boy elephant. I used the same brand of yarn, just a different color. This explains why ravelry says TLC yarn isn't all that great. I will no longer be using that type of yarn :(

Here is the Octopus I made: Pinky
Octopus in Basket
Notice how Pinky thinks she is part of the bathroom supplies ;)
Laundry Octopus
She also thinks she is part of the laundry...
Pinky the Octopus

Note: You can always see more pictures on my flickr account. I'm bcritters on flickr.

Thanks for looking!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Remnants of Amigurumi

Remnants of Amigurumi
Originally uploaded by bcritters

So, I'm not done with my girl elephant yet, but you can see in the picture all the pieces of various projects I have going on at the moment. The green stuffed thing is part of a platypus I'm making. The brown is a amigurumi based on the idea of roxycrafts little round animals. I'm making a platypus. The gold is a golden bunny from Amigurumi World: Seriously Cute Crochet by Ana Paula Rimoli. Finally the dark pinky colored stuff is the girl elephant. I'm figuring I should be done with her today! YAY! Unfortunately, my camera is broken and I have no way of uploading my pictures, because I do not have a camera cord and I lost my memory card usb drive. So, for right now I'm going to be taking pictures using my Photobooth. That means not very good quality, but at least you will get the idea.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Girl Elephant

A few weeks ago I finished a boy elephant for a co-worker of mine. I'm making the girl elephant for a different co-worker and I finish work on Saturday. This means I really, really need to get working on that girl elephant. I don't even have her head done yet. My goal was to work on her yesterday, but I accidentally left all my stuff at someone's house. Then I wanted to work on her last night, but I spent it with some friends. That means tonight, I need to sit down and just work really hard on her. I know I can finish most of her in a night if I just have the time. So tonight is going to be a stay at home night, work on the elephant, and watch some Project Runway and Shear Genius on Bravo.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Welcome to my Blog

So I am now creating a blog here on Blogspot. This is because there are so many great amigurumi artists who have a blogspot and I wanted to be able to watch their journals easier, instead of having a million book markers to check every day.

So for people who may not know me I am Brittany. You can now find me on Twitter, Ravelry, Etsy, Facebook, Flickr, Livejournal, and Myspace. If you are looking for me on any of the places it would probably be either the username of broadway4me, bcritters, or bcritters22388.

I am a crafty girl and love doing anything using my creativity. My newest craft is amigurumi. This blog will be all about my crafts. My livejournal will be both crafts and personal stuff. Hope you enjoy everything you see here and PLEASE leave comments. :)

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