Monday, July 6, 2009

Purple & Green Purse

I took a break from working on Mallory's present and decided to make a quick project to use up some of my left over yarn. I had quite a bit of Plymouth Galway yarns from different purses I have been working on. I took out my Happy Hooker book and decided to work on the Fit To Be Tied purse pattern. I started the purse last night and quickly finished it today. I added a green and pink polka-dotted lining to really complete it. I also had some left over purple and yellow polka-dotted ribbon for another finishing touch. I like the say it turned out. However, I would agree with my mom that it isn't the sturdiest of purses. The handles kind of look a bit funny if you put anything in it that weighs more than a cell phone. However, it is still cute and I'll still use it for just a small going out purse. Let me know what you think of it. Here are some pictures:

First, here is a picture of the purse right after I finished crocheting it. Before lining it or adding the ribbon.
Not Quite Finished Purse
Here is a picture of the purse right before it was lined. The fabric is some left over from my picture bulletin board.
The Lining of the Purse :)
Finally, here is a picture of the purse after I added the ribbon. :)
Finished Purse

Monday, June 29, 2009

One Birthday Gift Completed

Yesterday, I spent a lot of the day watching tv and knitting. I managed to finish knitting Katie's birthday gift and then started making an i-cord handle. Finally, I threw it in the wash to be felted. It turned out really nice. After felting, I took out my needle and thread, yet again, to attach the handles. I also decided to add a button hole and button. I thought this added the perfect finishing touch :). Here is a picture of the finished product and a picture of Katie with the purse. She really liked it :)!
Finished Katie's Cool Colored Purse
Katie with her Birthday Gift

I love the colors and I like how cute and small it is. It is perfect for just throwing your wallet, cellphone, and keys into. I liked the pattern too. If you are on ravelry you can find information about the pattern here.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Sewing to Complete Some Projects

Normally I do not do much sewing because I'm not that good with a needle. However, in order to complete the two projects I did today I needed to pull out my thread and needle.

First: I completed the small bag for Kara, which I called the Flowery, Girly, Summery PurseBag... All I needed to do was cut out some felt flowers and sew them on with some buttons as the centers. How Cute!
Kara's Bag all Finished

Second: Em and I decided two nights ago to make a Wal-mart run and make ourselves picture bulletin boards. She picks some nice black fabric and music ribbon. I picked a green and pink polka-dot fabric with ribbon that is purple and green with white daisies. I then picked out some sweet colored buttons. Instead of the usual push-tacks holding the ribbon in place... Em and I decided to use a needle and thread and sew the buttons in place. I think this actually will make it a bit more stable and permanent. Please enjoy the pictures :)

This picture is the bulletin board with no pictures...
Completed Bulletin Board

Here is the bulletin board with some pictures (I think it looks awesome with some pictures)...
Bulletin Board with Pictures

Please let me know what you think of all the pictures and of all my projects. Share some Love :P and feel free to follow me on twitter if you aren't already... Broadway4me

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Kara's Bag + Knitting While Camping

A few days ago I finished knitting and felting the bag for Kara (Katie's cousin):
Unfinished bag
This is a picture right after the felting. The ends haven't been cut out yet. I also plan on adding some felted flowers and sewing them on with some random buttons as the centers. It should turn out pretty cute. I'll upload a picture of the finished product hopefully sometime this week... I just have to finish it :P

Today, I went camping and worked a bit on a gift for a friend. Since it is a gift for a friend... a friend who reads this blog, you will have to wait to see the finished product until I give it to her.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Barnes and Noble = Completed Bunny

Yesterday, Em invited me to go to Barnes and Noble for some knitting time. Zoe and Charles met us there too. Zoe, Em, and I knit for about four hours straight and in that time I was able to finally accomplish completing some projects that I have been working on for a while. I finished knitting the handle on the purse I'm making for Kara. I needed to felt the purse, which I did today. I was really excited to see that when I felted it, it turned out to be the perfect size. I was afraid it was going to be too big, but it turned out to be a good size for a little girl. Now that it is felted, I just need to add some fun flowers to the front and then I'll post some great pictures.

The other project I finished was a little brown bunny. I bought the pattern from Bonami on Etsy. I wanted to make this bunny for a quite a while and I decided that it would be the perfect addition to Kara's birthday present. I enjoyed making the Flopsie Bunny, however, there were a few errors in the pattern. The ear directions were not the most clear and so I ended up free-handing them. Also I think there were a few errors in the body and leg numbers. However, as you will see it still turned out pretty adorable. The first crocheted amigurumi I have completed for the summer!
Flopsie Bunny

Flopsie Bunny

As always let me know what you think and look forward to more projects coming your way! :)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

First Update of the Summer Months :)

The last time I wrote here, I was working on a project I called the Fruity Booga Bag. Since then I have obviously finished and sold the bag, here is a picture of the completed project:
Fruity Booga Bag

Now, here are pictures of other projects I have completed since my last update:
The Rusty Yet New Socks
Crocheted Slipper Socks for my Sister

A Tote bag for Cass
The Sunset Tote Bag for my brother's future Sister-in-law

I have also been working on a lot of random projects here and there. Here is a list of projects I have started and am currently working on:
Birthday Present for Mallory (can't say what it is in case she is reading this)
Birthday Present for Katie (again can't say what it is)
Some dishcloths
A small purse and bunny for Katie's cousin

I'll update with some pictures of these projects as I finish them.

Friday, April 17, 2009

It's been a while

It has been a while since I last updated my blog. I thought I would update you all on what I have been up to. Obviously, school ;) hence the lack of updates. However, I have managed to work here and there on a number of different knitting projects. As you will note I said knitting projects not crocheting projects. I have put down my hook for the time being and have become rather attached to my knitting needles. Why? Because of Em of course she is a knitting queen (actually knitterqueen1953 on ravelry) she has been helping me learn all types of things.

Lets see my last update was about my booga bag and I showed you pictures of it. Well since then I have made yet another booga bag. Someone asked me to make them one and so I am getting paid for making what I have entitled the Fruity Booga Bag. I entitled it this because it is full of bold colors that really seem to be fruity in nature. It is yellow, a dark blue/purple, pink, and a beautiful lime green. All of the yarn is cascade 220 and I had to double up in order to make it the right size. It turned all great and looking like a colorful basket of fruit. When I showed it to my sister-in-law she gave me yet another paid knitting job. I am now in the process of making a tote bag. This tote bag has no exciting name yet... maybe the Watermelon bag or something... I'll think of something. I am a little over half way done with the bottom of this bag. Pictures of both of the bags will hopefully be up soon. Probably in about four weeks when I'm done with classes. :)

Other knitting projects I am working on:
a pair of socks
a scarf
a pair of flip-top mittens (I am already done with the first one)

I am going crazy with all these projects going on. I'm normally a one project type of girl but Em has slowly been changing me ;)... Anyways I hope all of you are doing well, I love what you all have been doing and I have still be reading some of your blogs! Keep of the great work!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Making Myself Some Mittens

Now that my booga bag is all finished it is time to start on my second knitting project. Em was making some really cute mittens with the flip-tops. I really wanted some for myself, so Em is teaching me how to make them. It is getting kind of warm so I won't need to wear them... however, I'm alright with packing them away. I showed you in the last post what the yarn looks like. Here is a picture of the first mitten so far:


I now have learned how to purl. :) After working on my mittens a little bit, Zoe gave me some yarn that she didn't want! I'm so excited.

Now to end this... My mom brought my bag to work with her... and someone really really wants me to make another one, for her daughter. Her request was some bright colors. So, I headed over to Loops and Links and picked out some more yarn. My mom was bringing it into work, telling her how much it would cost, and then she can decide if she really wants it. The best part is, if the woman decides she doesn't want it... my mom said she will pay me to make her a bag :)!!! Well that is all, pictures of the colors for the next booga bag, coming soon...

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Spring Break At Last

It is finally Spring Break. That means I actually have time to knit and crochet and update this blog :)... First, I want to show you my booga bag! I finally finished the i-cord today when Em came over. (She actually did the finishing steps on it... because I was really really slow :( )... Below is a picture of my booga bag before the wash:
Before (My Bag)

And here is what it looks like now!:
After (My Bag)


Now that I'm finished with my booga bag, it is time for a new project. So Em is going to teach me to make this awesome flip-top mittens :)... I already have the yarn picked out for it!
Noro Yarn 2

The best part is. I got the yarn for it as part of my birthday present. My amazing boyfriend gave me a gift certificate to Loops and Links for my birthday... :)

Monday, March 9, 2009

Spring Break is oh so close........And YET SO FAR!!!

I cannot wait until Spring Break. Spring Break = One FULL week of crocheting, knitting, and practicing... It is going to be one sweet week. I cannot wait... Then I'll be able to share with you some pictures... and some projects. Oh I wish I had time all the time for knitting and crocheting. It is just so darn relaxing and makes me so happy. Over spring break I plan on finishing my booga bag and then Em is going to help me make some sweet mittens :)... YAY!!!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

How's that Booga Bag

So, college... ugh! Takes over my life. This semester is kind of a killer one. Note to anyone thinking about going back to college or already in college or planning on attending college: DO NOT take a Philosophy course (or any other humanities course, for that matter) while taking a History class. It is pretty much social suicide. Why? Because you end up having to read approximately 2,582,435 pages of reading every night (ok a bit of an exaggeration) and you end up having to do all sorts of frivolous writing projects. Because of this I normally have one night a week to sit at Loops and Links (our area yarn shop) and just knit/crochet for two hours. I love that two hours because it really helps me relax from a hard week. Wednesdays are such a beautiful day because of it. Plus Wednesdays continue with just a few hours of homework after Loop Group followed by an hour long mass (it is a Catholic college thing) and finish it off with the newest episode of LOST!

So for the past two or so weeks I have been continuously working on my i-cord for my booga bag. I probably have about 2 or 3 feet of i-cord done so far. Unfortunately, this week I couldn't go to Loop Group :'( because I had a terrible paper to write. So, instead hopefully I can find a little time this weekend to work on my booga bag i-cord. Just for a bit of a stress reliever and therapy ;)... I also found out that there is a knitting/crocheting circle that meets on campus every Tuesday and Friday. I was very excited about that and may join at least their Tuesday part of the group. Well I think that was enough complaining for one day. Off to do some more homework :) (Though now it is homework due for Monday... nothing like getting a head start!!!)

Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Booga Bag Update

A day or two ago, I finished the booga bag... well not completely, I just have the i-cord handles to make.

Here are some pictures:
My Bold Booga Bag
Inside of my Bold Booga Bag
(The above picture is the inside of the bag)
Bold Booga Bag

Let me know what you think! More pictures once I have the i-cord finished... plus pictures once the bag is felted!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

My Bold Booga Bag

I have been wanting to learn how to knit for a while. Now that I met Em it seems like more of a possibility. We are working together to create a Booga Bag. Em let me pick out some colors from her stash and I picked a rose colored Lion Brand Wool along with a yellow colored Cascade 220. To create the booga bag I started with the rose colored Lion Brand Wool to make the bottom. I then decided to switch to some of my leftover Caribbean Sea colored Cascade 220, which I used for Katie's scarf. Now I'm using the yellow colored Cascade 220, which is kind of more gold. I really love the colors because they are just so bright and make me really happy :). The pattern calls for 64 rows tall and so far I have about 22 rows, so I am not quite half way. I have about 26 more rows of gold, then I'm going to switch to the Caribbean Sea for 4 rows, then finish with the rose color for 4 rows.

Here is a picture of what it looked like about 10 rows ago:
The Bold Booga Bag
Bold Booga Bag

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Pot Holders and Purses

So I realized that I never posted pictures of the pot holders I made for my mom. My mom asked me to make her some new pot holders. In order to do this, I took scraps of yarn around the house to make some pretty pot holders. Behold the crazy pot holders!

Bunches of Pot Holders
Blueberry Pot Holder
Watermelon Pot Holder
And Finally a Ravenclaw Pot Holder

Pot Holder of Ravenclaw Colors

Tomorrow, I'm getting together with Em again. She is going to teach me how to knit and then felt a purse! I'm really excited about that. I'll tell you some more details tomorrow after my get together!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Picture Problems :(

So last night I decided to upload pictures, the problem was that whenever I tried to upload pictures it would give me some sort of error. I realized later that it was because my iPhoto library was very full. I realized that there was a trash in my iPhoto library that wasn't cleared and was holding almost 700 pictures! Deleted some pictures and now I have pictures uploaded. Then it took a long time to upload the pictures to flickr and by the time I did all of this is was about 12:30 am. So I decided to go to bed without an update. So, I'm updating today.

First I added a picture of Mr. Whiskers (the cat I made for a friend for Christmas):

Then I have pictures of the baby bibs for Taylor Ann:

Finally I have pictures of the "fancy" scarf:

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Loops and Links Knitting/Crochet Circle

Haven't updated for a while. Still need to get my butt into gear and upload some pictures :P... A couple of days ago I worked on several new pot holders. My mom wanted to get rid of some of her old ones because they were getting really ratty and gross. So I made about four new pot holders. All of them are just made in some really random colors I chose. Mostly colors I don't use that much, which was nice because really I need to use some of my old yarn. I just keep accumulating it :P My mom is probably annoyed with all the stacks of yarn I have everywhere. She can't wait for me to go back to school and have all this yarn out of the house.

Other than the pot holders, I started a scarf for a friend. I started that at the Knitting/Crochet Circle at Loops and Links tonight. It was the first time I went and I really enjoyed myself. Em helped me check out once I picked out the two colors I wanted to use for the scarf. I picked a purple and then a variegated yarn that is kind of blue and purple and magenta. I'm making a really pretty wave scarf that can be found here. I'm not exactly sure if she will like it... I know she said any colors and any design... I'm just hoping it isn't too girly. The worst that can happen though is she doesn't like it and then I told her if she doesn't like it I'll just take it and make her something else... I mean I l LOVE the colors... and I think they would go well with her lime green jacket. We'll see... Benjamin thinks it is very fancy looking :P

Well pictures soon... Hopefully Taylor Ann (my new niece) loves the baby bibs I made her... which I'm sure she will since she is only hours old and doesn't know the difference ;) *heart*heart*heart* I love babies... and I love my new niece even though I haven't seen her *heart*heart*heart*

Friday, January 9, 2009

Meeting New Crocheters/Knitters :)

Yesterday I traveled to a little town called Mazomanie. I was meeting a friend who transfered out of my college a year ago. It was so nice to see her again. I also finished a little black cat yesterday morning as a gift to the person I was riding with. It was actually a late Christmas gift. I took a quick picture of it before I left... but it isn't the best quality and I haven't uploaded it yet. I'll try to upload it tonight, since I'm busy doing nothing in a house of emptiness ;)

Today I met someone that I met on Ravelry. We met up at a local yarn shop that I had never been to before. It was so nice and the girl I met was really nice too. When I first got there a woman came up to me and asked "Are you Broadway4me?" it felt so cool to say "yes!" Then I met this Em, who is going to be attending the same college as me this spring. We are close the same age and know a lot of the same people. It so awesome! I have never met someone from online before today... but it makes me so excited! I love meeting new people :) and even more it is exciting knowing that there is an excellent yarn shop right in my 'backyard!!!'

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Baby Bib Update

It is about 2:30 pm here and I finished the four baby bibs I was making. That means today I'm either going to finish the black cat I'm making for a friend. Or I will work on making some cute roly-poly animals. I'll edit this post later in the day to upload some pictures for you to see...

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Monster Munchy Bibs

So as I said, I have been working on the baby bibs. I was supposed to go to Madison today, but we cancelled because it was way too icy. Instead I sat at home. My goal is to finish the four bibs and the little toys before we go down to Illinois. Unfortunately, that could be as early as this weekend. So we will see what happens. So far I have 2 bibs finished other than the little detailing. My plan is to have a third one finished before I go to bed. Which shouldn't be too hard seeing as how I normally don't get to bed til 2 in the morning :P

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Baby Bibs

I currently have been working on some more baby bibs for my new niece or nephew. The pattern is from NeedleNoodles's Etsy shop and they are these really cute Monster bibs. I decided on the monster bibs because if you see them, they are super cute and definitely would work for a boy or a girl. I am not fully finished with the first of four bibs. I'll upload pictures of my process as I go.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Beautiful Bridget's Etsy Shop

Sorry for the bad quality, I just took these pictures on my photo booth on my mac. These are pictures of a scarf I got from a pretty good Etsy shop. The scarf is the Porch Swing Scarf in Purple. The Etsy Shop is called Beautiful Bridget and you can find the shop here. You should check it out sometime if you are looking for nice warm scarves.

One of the things I have been looking at is this:

I just think the colors are gorgeous and it definitely does look like Cotton Candy... however, I just do not have the money to spend on it yet, maybe in a few months... we'll see :)

Hope you enjoyed this little post of mine!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone! I don't know about all of you, but I had a fun time kicking of 2009. I also realized that last year I posted 23 times... this just happens to be my favorite number so it must be good luck right ;)... Well I finished with my Christmas Crafts Picture Posting series. However, I do have more pictures to show you!!! Yesterday I finished a flowered scarf. The pattern for the scarf can be found in the book The Happy Hooker: Stitch 'n Bitch Crochet. I had made a scarf like this before for my sister-in-law but I decided to create a new one, just for fun. I also started on making some baby bibs because I have been really really bored just sitting at home :P

Without further ague, I present the flowered scarf (the model is myself :P):
Photo 363
Photo 361
Photo 365

Enjoy the pictures!

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