Monday, June 29, 2009

One Birthday Gift Completed

Yesterday, I spent a lot of the day watching tv and knitting. I managed to finish knitting Katie's birthday gift and then started making an i-cord handle. Finally, I threw it in the wash to be felted. It turned out really nice. After felting, I took out my needle and thread, yet again, to attach the handles. I also decided to add a button hole and button. I thought this added the perfect finishing touch :). Here is a picture of the finished product and a picture of Katie with the purse. She really liked it :)!
Finished Katie's Cool Colored Purse
Katie with her Birthday Gift

I love the colors and I like how cute and small it is. It is perfect for just throwing your wallet, cellphone, and keys into. I liked the pattern too. If you are on ravelry you can find information about the pattern here.

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