Monday, June 22, 2009

Barnes and Noble = Completed Bunny

Yesterday, Em invited me to go to Barnes and Noble for some knitting time. Zoe and Charles met us there too. Zoe, Em, and I knit for about four hours straight and in that time I was able to finally accomplish completing some projects that I have been working on for a while. I finished knitting the handle on the purse I'm making for Kara. I needed to felt the purse, which I did today. I was really excited to see that when I felted it, it turned out to be the perfect size. I was afraid it was going to be too big, but it turned out to be a good size for a little girl. Now that it is felted, I just need to add some fun flowers to the front and then I'll post some great pictures.

The other project I finished was a little brown bunny. I bought the pattern from Bonami on Etsy. I wanted to make this bunny for a quite a while and I decided that it would be the perfect addition to Kara's birthday present. I enjoyed making the Flopsie Bunny, however, there were a few errors in the pattern. The ear directions were not the most clear and so I ended up free-handing them. Also I think there were a few errors in the body and leg numbers. However, as you will see it still turned out pretty adorable. The first crocheted amigurumi I have completed for the summer!
Flopsie Bunny

Flopsie Bunny

As always let me know what you think and look forward to more projects coming your way! :)

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