Monday, July 6, 2009

Purple & Green Purse

I took a break from working on Mallory's present and decided to make a quick project to use up some of my left over yarn. I had quite a bit of Plymouth Galway yarns from different purses I have been working on. I took out my Happy Hooker book and decided to work on the Fit To Be Tied purse pattern. I started the purse last night and quickly finished it today. I added a green and pink polka-dotted lining to really complete it. I also had some left over purple and yellow polka-dotted ribbon for another finishing touch. I like the say it turned out. However, I would agree with my mom that it isn't the sturdiest of purses. The handles kind of look a bit funny if you put anything in it that weighs more than a cell phone. However, it is still cute and I'll still use it for just a small going out purse. Let me know what you think of it. Here are some pictures:

First, here is a picture of the purse right after I finished crocheting it. Before lining it or adding the ribbon.
Not Quite Finished Purse
Here is a picture of the purse right before it was lined. The fabric is some left over from my picture bulletin board.
The Lining of the Purse :)
Finally, here is a picture of the purse after I added the ribbon. :)
Finished Purse

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