Saturday, June 27, 2009

Sewing to Complete Some Projects

Normally I do not do much sewing because I'm not that good with a needle. However, in order to complete the two projects I did today I needed to pull out my thread and needle.

First: I completed the small bag for Kara, which I called the Flowery, Girly, Summery PurseBag... All I needed to do was cut out some felt flowers and sew them on with some buttons as the centers. How Cute!
Kara's Bag all Finished

Second: Em and I decided two nights ago to make a Wal-mart run and make ourselves picture bulletin boards. She picks some nice black fabric and music ribbon. I picked a green and pink polka-dot fabric with ribbon that is purple and green with white daisies. I then picked out some sweet colored buttons. Instead of the usual push-tacks holding the ribbon in place... Em and I decided to use a needle and thread and sew the buttons in place. I think this actually will make it a bit more stable and permanent. Please enjoy the pictures :)

This picture is the bulletin board with no pictures...
Completed Bulletin Board

Here is the bulletin board with some pictures (I think it looks awesome with some pictures)...
Bulletin Board with Pictures

Please let me know what you think of all the pictures and of all my projects. Share some Love :P and feel free to follow me on twitter if you aren't already... Broadway4me

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