Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Start to the Pictures

I have been a busy busy bee this last week. As you may have seen, at the bottom of the monkey pictures post I added a list of projects I needed to get done. I successfully completed all of them and am happy with most of them. I had time to finally upload all of the pictures up to my computer and onto flickr last night. There are a LOT of pictures! Because of this I decided I would make a series of picture posts this week. This is partly to add to the suspense. I'm starting with three of my projects. These three projects were made for my brother, sister-in-law, and their new baby (who isn't born yet but should be any day now)... Enjoy the pictures and please leave comments on the pictures or on this post of what you think :)

First my brother's Christmas gift was a picture frame that I painted. The family, duck, and fish were pre-made. The family was painted by me but was pre-cut, while the fish and duck were pre-cut and pre-painted.
Family Picture Frame
The picture is kind of dark... but you can see what I sort of did. A sunset and water :)
My Brother and his Picture Frame
My brother and his picture frame :)

Next is my sister-in-law's new purse. I crocheted this purse using a pattern from the book The Happy Hooker:
Purse for Christa
Christa and her purse
Christa is admiring the fine craftsmanship (she had bought my sister and I purses for Christmas... Great minds think a like ;)

Finally a bib I cross-stitched for my new niece or nephew. I created this bib from a kit you can buy at Hobby Lobby or Joanne's along with most other craft stores:
Cross Stitch Bib for Baby

So that is picture post number 1, stick around for the rest of the week to see more picture posts!

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