Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Here is the Third Picture Post

Today I will probably finish that flower scarf so I came up with some stuff to keep me busy while I'm stuck in the house... You see I would work on amigurumis but I'm out of stuffing and I cannot get any when I'm stuck in the house... Hence here is a list of to do's:
Edited: 17 January 2009
Finish flower scarf
create pieces to chihuahua amigurumi (the parts I can do without stuffing)
Create a scarf for Katie... not sure where to start on this
Create parts of the wobbles I'm making for my new niece/nephew Taylor
Make the bibs, I just got a pattern for!
Added 17 January 2009:
Pandas for Katie's Cousins
Create Felted Purse for myself
Baby Blanket for Taylor

That should keep me busy for a while... Hopefully for the rest of break... because I have been really really bored :(

Well enough chatter, you really came here to see the pictures... Today I'm sharing three more of my creations. These three creations are just heads... Yes they are finished, but they are only heads. This is because I wanted to create a little something for all of my cousins. I have six of them and I didn't get to making their little critters until the day before I was going to see them. Hence, I made six projects in a night! Ridiculous... but fun! Hence, all of them just got heads of creatures, which they were happy with.

First project is a stingray, pattern from These Loving Hands, as a request for my cousin Jordan:
Jordan's Stingray

Then I made a tiger, pattern from Ana Paula Rimoli's Etsy Shop, as a request for my cousin Noah:
Noah's Tiger Head

Finally an elf, pattern from Roxycraft, for my cousin Adam (Kinda like Dobby):
Adam's Elf

If you noticed the eyes on the tiger and the elf... Check out Enami Eyes!

The final picture post will be tomorrow... however, I may then have some more projects to share, so again stay tuned ;)

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