Monday, December 29, 2008

Picture Post #2

Today I would I realized that I don't have any projects that need to be finished. With Christmas come and gone and no more polyfill I decided to start making a flowered scarf. I'm using a pattern from the book The Happy Hooker. I made one already but I decided to give it another try, just for something to do. I'm using a light blue, light green, and light pink. I think it will look nice when it is finished.

So this is the second picture post... Yesterday I showed off what I made for my brother and sister-in-law. Today I chose to show pictures of what I made for my mom, dad, and sister. Enjoy the pictures! :)

For my mom, I made a table topper using a pattern I bought on Etsy. The pattern is by Amy Gaines and can be purchased here. I also used enami eyes for the santa part of the pattern. I like the way it turned out :):
Table Topper for Mom
Christmas Decoration

For my dad, I made a CD of me singing :)... You will see the nice cover I made for it!
Brittany De Laruelle 2008 CD
Songs on 2008 CD

Finally, I created a Tigger head for my sister. She loves loves loves Tigger and so I started with a tiger pattern and changed it a LOT to make it look like Tigger.
Tigger for Chelsea
Tigger Head for Chelsea
My sister with her new Tigger Head

Picture Post #3 is coming tomorrow :)

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