Saturday, January 17, 2009

Picture Problems :(

So last night I decided to upload pictures, the problem was that whenever I tried to upload pictures it would give me some sort of error. I realized later that it was because my iPhoto library was very full. I realized that there was a trash in my iPhoto library that wasn't cleared and was holding almost 700 pictures! Deleted some pictures and now I have pictures uploaded. Then it took a long time to upload the pictures to flickr and by the time I did all of this is was about 12:30 am. So I decided to go to bed without an update. So, I'm updating today.

First I added a picture of Mr. Whiskers (the cat I made for a friend for Christmas):

Then I have pictures of the baby bibs for Taylor Ann:

Finally I have pictures of the "fancy" scarf:


Emily said...

I just love your crocheted stuff!! Everytime I see that scarf it makes me want to make one myself:)

Unknown said...

:) Everytime I see your knitting, I want to learn :) So I guess we just inspire each other.

lunaticraft said...

Those bibs are simply darling! And I totally love the little kitty.

Unknown said...

thanks :)

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