Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Loops and Links Knitting/Crochet Circle

Haven't updated for a while. Still need to get my butt into gear and upload some pictures :P... A couple of days ago I worked on several new pot holders. My mom wanted to get rid of some of her old ones because they were getting really ratty and gross. So I made about four new pot holders. All of them are just made in some really random colors I chose. Mostly colors I don't use that much, which was nice because really I need to use some of my old yarn. I just keep accumulating it :P My mom is probably annoyed with all the stacks of yarn I have everywhere. She can't wait for me to go back to school and have all this yarn out of the house.

Other than the pot holders, I started a scarf for a friend. I started that at the Knitting/Crochet Circle at Loops and Links tonight. It was the first time I went and I really enjoyed myself. Em helped me check out once I picked out the two colors I wanted to use for the scarf. I picked a purple and then a variegated yarn that is kind of blue and purple and magenta. I'm making a really pretty wave scarf that can be found here. I'm not exactly sure if she will like it... I know she said any colors and any design... I'm just hoping it isn't too girly. The worst that can happen though is she doesn't like it and then I told her if she doesn't like it I'll just take it and make her something else... I mean I l LOVE the colors... and I think they would go well with her lime green jacket. We'll see... Benjamin thinks it is very fancy looking :P

Well pictures soon... Hopefully Taylor Ann (my new niece) loves the baby bibs I made her... which I'm sure she will since she is only hours old and doesn't know the difference ;) *heart*heart*heart* I love babies... and I love my new niece even though I haven't seen her *heart*heart*heart*

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