Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Girl Elephant

A few weeks ago I finished a boy elephant for a co-worker of mine. I'm making the girl elephant for a different co-worker and I finish work on Saturday. This means I really, really need to get working on that girl elephant. I don't even have her head done yet. My goal was to work on her yesterday, but I accidentally left all my stuff at someone's house. Then I wanted to work on her last night, but I spent it with some friends. That means tonight, I need to sit down and just work really hard on her. I know I can finish most of her in a night if I just have the time. So tonight is going to be a stay at home night, work on the elephant, and watch some Project Runway and Shear Genius on Bravo.


Julie said...

Thanks for the link for the pinecones.
By the way, did you finish your girl elephant! Please take a photo of it if you can and post it onto the blog, as I would love to see it.

Unknown said...

I haven't quite finished her, but I'm hoping to finish her today! Then I'm working on finishing my platypus.

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