Friday, August 15, 2008

Finished Girl Elephant

Last night I finally finished that girl elephant. I finished her during the gymnastics finals for the Olympics. I was so excited seeing us place gold and silver for women's gymnastics. Anyways, I finished the girl elephant, but had no camera to take pictures of her. So today I went out and bought a new camera. This time I hope the camera is better. So now I'm posting pictures of Eleanor the Elephant. I'm also going to post pictures of Pinky the Octopus. I made Pinky for a co-worker of mine. She cried when she got it. Please comment on both! :)

First pictures of Eleanor the Ballerina Elephant
Eleanor the Elephant
As you can tell Eleanor is a Ballerina. She balances herself on everything she possibly can. This includes books, balance beams, and much, much more...

The one thing that really bugged me about this girl elephant is that it came out a lot smaller than the boy elephant. I used the same brand of yarn, just a different color. This explains why ravelry says TLC yarn isn't all that great. I will no longer be using that type of yarn :(

Here is the Octopus I made: Pinky
Octopus in Basket
Notice how Pinky thinks she is part of the bathroom supplies ;)
Laundry Octopus
She also thinks she is part of the laundry...
Pinky the Octopus

Note: You can always see more pictures on my flickr account. I'm bcritters on flickr.

Thanks for looking!

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