Thursday, July 25, 2013

Decorating my Otterbox Phone Cover

I got a new phone a few weeks ago. I am really excited about it, but the only problem is it is so new that I could only get the otterbox in black. Now normally I would be okay with this, but one of my good friends that I spend a lot of time with has the exact same phone with the exact same case. It can make life a little bit more confusing by having two phones next to each other. Yes, they are set-up different, but who wants to check every time they grab their phones.

So, me being the crafty person I am started searching for ideas on how to cover my otterbox. I came across this blog post on pinterest that helped me kick start the process. From there the creative juices started flowing. What about polka dots? I love polka dots! :)

Here are all the supplies you need for this project:
DSCN2428Masking Tape and Adhesive CirclesGloss FinishOriginal Otterbox

First, I taped the whole back of the phone case and then painted the phone case purple as I wanted the sides to be purple.
Otterbox tapedPainted Purple

Next, I taped around the square back and painted just that area yellow. This will soon be the polka dots.
Painted just box back Yellow

After letting the yellow dry (REALLY let it dry! Otherwise it kind of peels off with the stickies. Plus, you can get rid of some of the tackiness of the adhesive by sticking it to fabric before sticking them to the paint.) stick the adhesive dots to the back.
Adding Polka Dots

Paint the whole thing purple again.
Painted Purple Again

I accidentally bought gloss that is also a color, so I finished and then sprayed it a random color. :( It was really sad, but I did fix it and finished it with a gloss to hold it in place.

Here is the result:
Finished Otterbox Cover

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