Sunday, November 27, 2011

Crocheted Hat Fever

I know I should be working on more 60 Quick Knits for Em and my blog. However, I have suddenly gotten an itch to crochet some hats. Ever since the trip to Stitches Midwest this August I have found my passion for crocheting yet again. I cannot explain it, but suddenly my eyes were opened to all the wonderful patterns you can crochet. Now don't get me wrong I still love knitting, but crocheting was one of my first crafting loves and I am happy to be back to it.

When I went to Stitches I saw this woman, Pam, at the Halos for Hope booth wearing a GORGEOUS hat (pictured above). When I saw it I knew I had to have it. I talked to her about it and she told me it was a crochet pattern that you could find in Annie's Attic - Chemo Caps and Wraps. She did not have any copies at that time, but by the end of the weekend I had purchased a copy that was signed by her! It was very exciting.

My friend Em wanted to crochet the hat as well so I had to try it out a few times to make sure it came out alright. (I tend to teach better when I have completed the project myself, especially because I can kind of freehand different stitches and fix mistakes as I go.) After making one hat, which has received many compliments from both my students and friends.

Spiral Cap

The pattern is rather simple but works up like a cabled knit pattern. It especially looks beautiful in a variegated yarn. Since I made the first one I made another and am about half way finished with a third hat. Last night I sat down and helped my friend Em through the process of crocheting the hat. She is not particularly comfortable with her crocheting skills, but I helped her successfully crochet the hat in just a few hours. (She only has a little single crocheting for the brim to do.) If she can make it through this pattern so can YOU! The only tricky thing is first learning the DC foundation (from back to front) followed by the Twisted DC Foundation. I looked up a YouTube video to help me get through the stitch a couple times and then it became second nature. Before you know it you have a beautiful hat.

Spiral Cap

Happy Crocheting!


Em and Brittany said...

I love the ode to Em...and it is true. If I can crochet something, really, anybody can! really should write an entry for 60 Quick Knits (haha, jk! A new one is being released tomorrow!)

Doula Sandy said...

I'm trying to do this so I can teach it to a friend too!! But I can't seem to figure out the Twisted Double Crochet Foundation with the Twisted Cross-Stitch... It's obviously been awhile since you made this hat, but any ideas where I can find a photo/video on the specifics of this stitch? Thanks!!! :)

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