Sunday, February 27, 2011

Cascade Yarn and 60 Quick Knits

Well, I have not been working on any projects that are not in the 60 Quick Knits book since Em and I are trying to finish all the projects. As of yesterday we had 17 projects completed. If you would like to see more about how that adventure is going check out our blog 60 Projects from 60 Quick Knits.

Anyways, what I would like to blog about today is how much I am LOVING making all these patterns with Cascade 220 yarns. I had almost finished with project #22 - Cables and Bobbles Cap, when I found that I had run out of yarn.

Unfinished Bobbles & Cables Cap

Normally, I would have been worried as I bought this yarn at a LYS that closed this summer. Luckily I knew the exact color and could buy the yarn online. I went to Yarn Country and ordered LOTS of Cascade yarn to use for more 60 Quick Knits. Below you can see a picture of all the yarn that I received in the mail.


It is so fun to buy yarn online because you get the package in the mail and then get the excitement of opening the box to see what is inside. It can be a little risky because you do not know the exact color, but it is still really fun to receive it in the mail. It is obvious that I received large quantities of yarn, but do not fear I have projects in mind for all of the yarn. You can see what I'm expecting to use the yarn on by looking at my pictures below:

Project #1 - Chain-Link Scarf
Project #1 - Chain-Link Scarf

Project #10 -Diagonal Stripes Hat
Project #10 - Diagonal Stripes Hat

Project #15 - Striped & Bobbled Hat

Project #24 - Mitered Scarf

Project #42 - Ribbed Pillbox

If any of these projects catch your eye keep checking our blog for updates!

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