Sunday, January 23, 2011

Completed 60-Quick Knits

As of February 7, 2011 all updates will be talked about on our specific blog for our 60 Quick Knits projects.

Thanks for your continued interest.

60 Quick Knits by EMBellished Knits and Britter's Little Critters

This post will be edited over the course of the year to show EMBellished Knits and Britter's Little Critters progress on their New Years Resolution. Next to each one it will say in progress, complete, or waiting. Purple font stands for Britter's Little Critters and green font stands for EMBellished Knits. When the project is completed I will also have a link on the completed so you can see what it looks like.

13/60 Projects - Completed
10/60 Projects - In Progess
37/60 Projects - Waiting to be Started


Nonna Rose said...

I love the 60 Quick Knits books and tonight decided to make the cables and wrap scarf, but after trying to start four times and the count not being right I just feel certain there must be an error in the pattern. I found corrections online for many of the patterns in the book but not for that pattern. Did you not find a problem with the pattern?

Unknown said...

Hi Rose,
My friend was the one that made that pattern. I will ask her about it. I know I did try starting the scarf and I had a similar pattern. I looked online and at some other people's projects and no one posted any problems they had. I don't know if you are a member of Ravelry but I have a 60 Quick Knit group. I'll post this problem you saw and see if anyone responds with answers to your dilemma.
Thanks for viewing and I'll comment again with any updates I have on this problem.

Emily said...

Hey Rose,

I did not find an error in the pattern. When you are placing the yarn in front and back for the first few rows, it is very important to have no distractions. I too had to start a few times myself. If you have any more questions, feel free to look at the EMBellished Knits Blog for some help! I'd be willing to help you out!

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