Sunday, March 15, 2009

Spring Break At Last

It is finally Spring Break. That means I actually have time to knit and crochet and update this blog :)... First, I want to show you my booga bag! I finally finished the i-cord today when Em came over. (She actually did the finishing steps on it... because I was really really slow :( )... Below is a picture of my booga bag before the wash:
Before (My Bag)

And here is what it looks like now!:
After (My Bag)


Now that I'm finished with my booga bag, it is time for a new project. So Em is going to teach me to make this awesome flip-top mittens :)... I already have the yarn picked out for it!
Noro Yarn 2

The best part is. I got the yarn for it as part of my birthday present. My amazing boyfriend gave me a gift certificate to Loops and Links for my birthday... :)


Unknown said...

That bag turned so lovely! Your new yarn is really pretty too.

lunaticraft said...

Very cute bag! That felted up very nicely.

Holly said...

(in Napoleon Dynamite voice) "Lucky!" I hope you're having a nice spring break!

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