Thursday, February 12, 2009

How's that Booga Bag

So, college... ugh! Takes over my life. This semester is kind of a killer one. Note to anyone thinking about going back to college or already in college or planning on attending college: DO NOT take a Philosophy course (or any other humanities course, for that matter) while taking a History class. It is pretty much social suicide. Why? Because you end up having to read approximately 2,582,435 pages of reading every night (ok a bit of an exaggeration) and you end up having to do all sorts of frivolous writing projects. Because of this I normally have one night a week to sit at Loops and Links (our area yarn shop) and just knit/crochet for two hours. I love that two hours because it really helps me relax from a hard week. Wednesdays are such a beautiful day because of it. Plus Wednesdays continue with just a few hours of homework after Loop Group followed by an hour long mass (it is a Catholic college thing) and finish it off with the newest episode of LOST!

So for the past two or so weeks I have been continuously working on my i-cord for my booga bag. I probably have about 2 or 3 feet of i-cord done so far. Unfortunately, this week I couldn't go to Loop Group :'( because I had a terrible paper to write. So, instead hopefully I can find a little time this weekend to work on my booga bag i-cord. Just for a bit of a stress reliever and therapy ;)... I also found out that there is a knitting/crocheting circle that meets on campus every Tuesday and Friday. I was very excited about that and may join at least their Tuesday part of the group. Well I think that was enough complaining for one day. Off to do some more homework :) (Though now it is homework due for Monday... nothing like getting a head start!!!)

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Emily said...

so HOW is the Booga bag?? lol

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