Saturday, November 29, 2008

Don't Have Pictures Yet...

I don't have pictures for you yet, however, I do have some more finished gifts. Soon I will have a picture frame, purse, and I'll also have a cross-stitch bib to show all of you too :). Hopefully I can post those pictures this coming week. Hope you are all excited! :D


Lesalicious said...

Hi there found your profile on Ravelry thought i would stop by to check out your blog. Love all your work. Great work. Will have to save your blog so I can check out your blog more.
Also I see you live in Green Bay I plan on moving to Green Bay or De Pere sometime around spring and was trying to find some great gals to hang out with from time to time and crochet and so on. Or shoot show me around lol. But, anyway again love your work. take care.

Unknown said...

Yeah I do live in Green Bay. I actually have lived here most of my life. I also go to school in De Pere. I'm currently attending St. Norbert College. So I know a lot about both towns ;). What would ever bring to our little 'Packer Town'?

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